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The Bar d’Office network offers you a platform to expand your network, share your knowledge and create new opportunities. You are surrounded by interesting professionals and entrepreneurs in every Bar d’Office location. Get inspired and exchange experiences, tips, ideas and contacts while you work.

Bar d’Office also facilitates its own Academy. Bar d’Office Academy introduces you to a wide range of relevant themes for professionals. From HR-related topics to branding, management and the New Way of Working. We provide innovative sessions throughout Belgium thanks to the expertise from the Bar d’Office network.

  1. We assist the professional who has little time in his or her quest within entrepreneurship with an open range of short and innovative inspiring sessions.

  2. More in-depth training sessions naturally follow from these inspiring sessions. We will dive into more detail in specific topics in each course.

People who got inspired

Bar d’Office has already inspired plenty of people. Not only during the events, but because coworking is a new way of working. Enjoy working in an inspiring location. But most of all, enjoy being surrounded by people looking for the same (work) mindset.

Being inspired, improving your knowledge and
meeting like-minded people at the same time.
That is what Bar d’Office has brought me.

“Isabel Verhaert | Speaker at the Bar d’Office Academy” 

Unfortunately we had to cancel all our upcoming events due to COVID-19. Untill futher notice, the calendar will remain empty. If you want to remain up-to-date about our events, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

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